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We work with our clients to lead change and change leadership.

Many organisations are focussing on becoming more innovative and resilient.


They are also making efforts to increase the diversity and inclusiveness of their organisations as they recognise the need to respond to the expectations of their people and their customers that they should reflect the diversity of society.


It is good that organisations are listening to their staff and customers, but they do not always recognise that their business will become more resilient and innovative BECAUSE they have created more diverse and inclusive organisations.


Ed uses his experience of coming out as a gay man after 20 years of marriage and his work with senior leadership teams to facilitate discussions about the role we can all play to build build more inclusive and effective organisations.


Key Note Speaking

We work with you to agree the strategic intent, build support, define projects and establish effective risk management and governance.



We work with your leaders to develop their inclusive and adaptive leadership skills.  We deliver keynotes, seminars, workshops and training.



We bring decades of experience to help you accelerate progress. We have a portfolio of proven interventions.  We work with you to deliver.

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