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Working together to deliver change

Making postive change happen is hard.  


I know how easy it is to make mistakes, and have have made most of them in over 20 years working to deliver change in start-ups, large corporations and the public sector.


By reflecting on what works, talking to leaders, and studying academic literature I have developed and implemented a theory of change.  This research, and the approach I have developed as a result, underpins my work.


There is now overwhelming evidence that 'digital transformation' requires the combination of Business Design, Change Leadership and Programme Management.


Successful transformation requires leaders to adapt their approach as their teams adopt new ways of working.  We have identified four critical conditions to deliver sustained organisational change:


1.Align – remove as much ambiguity as possible, keep it simple.

2.Accelerate – put a team in place who make things happen, smaller is often better.

3.Adopt and Scale – build new systems and then use them.

4.Adapt – you are changing how things work, so you will need to change how you lead.

The good news is that organisations like yours can make it happen.

Let's talk.



Ed Parker 

Ed is a commercially experienced senior leader and non-executive director with a proven track record in  top tier consultancies including PA Consulting and EY. 


Ed has over 20 years working to implement major change in start-ups, and across the private and public sector.  His passion is to align the disciplines of business design, technology implementation and change leadership to create high performing and inclusive organisations.

 He is a proven and trusted advisor to senior executives and strategic leadership teams. He has extensive experience of sales, marketing, and business strategy which he applies to support businesses to become more adaptive and profitable.


He is a Certified Information Systems Auditor, an accredited expert in Business Design (Henley Business School, 2014) is a Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) Practitioner, has a MSc in IT Security) and an ACCA Certified Diploma in Accounting and Finance (1999).

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